Family Law

The Fillingim Law Firm, P.A. is committed to providing affordable, exceptional legal representation in family law matters. Attorney Regina Fillingrim fights for her clients’ rights and future. She is dedicated to working in the family’s best interests and safeguarding the well-being of children. With years of experience handling divorce, paternity, time sharing, child support, property distribution, domestic violence, post-divorce modification and dependency actions, her legal knowledge and skills are many.

The office of Fillingim Law Firm, P.A. is located at 209 N. Barcelona St., Pensacola, Florida, directly behind the downtown branch of the Pensacola Library.

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Divorce, Child Custody and Child Visitation

Today, many divorce, child custody and visitation issues can be resolved through mediation. This non-adversarial alternative is less hostile, less time consuming and less costly than going to court. With mediation, a neutral third party is assigned to help identify the issues and facilitate discussions between the parties. Attorney Regina Filllingim can help prepare you for the negotiation process and help review any settlement agreement before you sign on the dotted line. However, if an agreement resolution cannot be achieved, she’s ready to battle it out in court.

Military Divorce and Child Custody

With the Pensacola area having a large military population, Regina has experience in representing military personnel in family law matters. Her experience includes:

  • Division of military retirement accounts
  • Invoking the Soldiers and Sailors Act
  • Establishing Long Distance parenting plans
  • Filing Notices of Designation for military personnel to enable family members to exercise their time-sharing while deployed

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence and child custody are never a good mix. At the same time, the legal presumption is essentially that an abuser’s actions and future potential actions would be harmful to the child. A domestic violence presumption could result in no access or limited access to your child if your ex proves you have engaged in a history of domestic violence. Some spouses do fabricate domestic violence allegations for a wide variety of reasons, including revenge and gaining custody of a child. If you’ve been accused of domestic violence, attorney Regina Fellingim will do a complete investigation to gather the real facts.


The Office of Fillingim Law Firm, P.A. can also assist with establishing or fighting paternity. This often entails taking a DNA test and providing the results to the court. If you are the biological parent, she will see to it that all steps are taken to establish the legal rights parents should have to their children.

If you’re facing a family law matter, turn to the Office of Fillingim Law Firm. Let their experience work for you.